Automatic layer chicken cage of 34,000 birds per house

Published by "2017-09-21 14:14:00"

Automatic layer chicken cage of 34,000 birds per house


Breed breed: sea orchid brown shell layer chicken

Development direction: quality eggs for supermarket

Equipment: four layers and five rows of layer chicken system with egg collection, manure removal system and feeding equipment

Breeding number: around 34,000 in a single building

Environmental control: longitudinal ventilation system

Climate conditions: the transition zone between the warm temperate zone and the north subtropical zone, the warm temperate zone subhumid monsoon climate. Four seasons, moderate climate,  much raining, light, heat, water and other resources are enough

A stable cage frame is the most important based structure in the whole cage and equipment system.

Cage frame of BEST independent research and development to make the whole cage system and equipment system cooperating and working tightly and perfectly for more than 10 years.


BEST Feeders are made by German advanced technology production line.  Error reduced to 0.001, the most important based fittings for automatic feeding system, the automatic feeding hopper return from cage rows stably and it's going a constant speed, no feed waste.


Automatic manure removal system


Automatic egg collection system

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