Modern poultry farm program of 49280 laying hens breeding

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Climate characteristics: tropical monsoon climate, long summer without winter, the annual average temperature is 22-27℃,  temperature rise rapidly, daily temperature difference big, the whole year without frost, warm winter, abundant rainfall.

Chicken house size: 96m long, 15.7m wide, 4m high

Equipment: BEST five-row four-layer egg laying cages

Breeding capacity in single house : 49,280 birds

Configuration: egg laying cages,automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic manure cleaning, central egg collection line, constant temperature environmental control.

Light steel chicken house


In addition to looking for professional construction companies to undertake chicken house construction, as layer cages manufacturers also a chicken farm participator for many years, now there are some farms using light steel structure of chicken house, main by the round steel, small Angle steel and thin-walled steel composition.

In addition to the features of convenient transportation and installation, it also has the advantages easy to getting materials, more economical materials and lighter weight. Please consider.

For a detailed description of this steel structure, please check

Inner structure and egg laying cages


BEST company not only is a layer cages manufacturer but also has a after-service team, we give whole farm program from poultry cage construction to poultry equipment installation, above installation of egg laying cages uses about 20 days, 3 engineers and a few workers from farmers.

Automatic feeding system and egg collection system


This poultry cage construction includes five rows of egg laying cage system with five sets of automatic feeding system and five sets of egg collection system. When our engineer checked the installation he had eaten and slept in farm for 7 days to test all egg belts turn around and to guarantee force equality, otherwise belts are easy to break off

Secondly, the up and down of end of transverse egg collection system must be accurately to afford the eggs from egg belts, of course it is a very important part in poultry cage construction. BEST company as a quality layer cages manufacturers, the egg belts are importing from Italy.

Chicken transfer to egg laying cages

Before put birds in egg laying cages, the last step of poultry cage construction is washing, washing tub pipe, Because there are some chippings during production.

12 weeks or 16 weeks of day old chicken is in egg producing period, then transfer to egg laying cages, here are some Maintenance tips, because of the fall of chicken feathers every two years please wash the mesh of egg laying cages. Secondly because put medicine in water though there are filter, you still need to check nipple drinkers block or not, sediment will make nipples block even a few.

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