1.My land size is XX feet by XX feet or chicken house is XX feet by XX feet, how many chicken cage could take?

If you supply land size, My sales department will supply design full poultry farm plan as it, such as office, rearing house, feed processing house, egg package house, manure drying house and so on, also layout of poultry equipment. As your chicken house, we will send you layout of chicken cage, for example:

2.Where is your company and factory location?

Office : Shijiazhuang city, Hebei From beijing, 1 and a half hour by high-speed train From guangzhou, Shenzhen, 2 and a half hour by air

3.If I place order, how many days my order delivery?

Stock in whole year of General size of chicken cage 50 workers, 30 machines, Numerical control integration, 100 sets of daily output, 100,000 chicken farm equipment 10 days completed, 1,000,000 chicken farm equipment 30 days completed.

4.How to install chicken cage or poultry equipment?

Chicken cage: you will get the installation instruction and video before you get the goods. Poultry equipment: our technicist and engineer will visit your farm for testing, installing and teaching management of your equipment.

5.What is your quality guarantee?

5 years freely to change broken fittings 10 years no rusting of deep galvanized chicken cage