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Maintaining excellent health of poultry flocks is the primary objective of any producer, since a healthy flock can be translated into a profitable flock. Despite all progress in prevention and control of infectious diseases, it is still difficult to keep a commercial poultry facility completely disease-free. Commercial poultry farms continue to be affected by the emergence of new or variant disease agents. Diseases are generally responsible for mortality, as well as reduced growth rate and egg production in poultry flocks, thereby resulting in reduced economic returns to producers. 


After the birds are moved out of the poultry barn, it’s time to start the cleaning protocol. The sooner you start the better. Manure is easier to remove when it’s still moist and the longer a clean and disinfected poultry house is left to dry before the new chicks or birds enter it, the better. Hence very few bacteria and viruses can survive a long period of drought without the presence of organic matter (litter, manure, etc.). Within the presence of organic dirt however some micro-organisms can survive up to 60 days in a dry environment. 


The fastest way a pathogen can spread disease in a farm and affect the majority of your flock is through the drinking water! Contaminated drinking water can weigh heavily on the immune system of poultry and will cause distress and disease due to the constant exposure to this high infection rate. Salmonella, E coli bacteria, Streptococcus, oocysts (coccidiosis) etc. can be carried easily to the poultry house and each drinking nipple where they eventually are consumed. Implementing a solid hygiene plan on a poultry farm through management, cleaning and disinfection could well be all in vain when drinking water was forgotten or not even included in your hygiene plan. The biggest problems occur when the drinking line contains heavy soils and inorganic dirt deposits. Within this film harmful pathogens are protected and can multiply. 


Biosecurity is a term frequently used in the poultry industry. Many people believe that biosecurity is only implementing a strict visitor control and farm cleaning programme. In reality, however, a comprehensive biosecurity programme goes beyond these and includes many other components. In any commercial poultry operation, flock health must be excellent in order to achieve maximum profitability. Health status can often be directly correlated with the comprehensiveness of the biosecurity programme implemented in an operation. It should also be noted that competence of the immune system of birds is of critical importance.


Biosecurity is the efficient use of common sense hygiene procedures in preventing the adverse effects of a disease. It can be defined as “a set of management practices that, when followed, reduce the potential for the introduction or spread of disease agents onto and among sites". In other words, biosecurity is an essential component of a disease control programme in the poultry industry.


Virocid is an extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of 4 active ingredients. It has proven records in preventing and fighting disease outbreaks for many. It is amazingly effective at very low dilutions (0.25 - 0.5% or 1/3 - 2/3 oz. /gal) against ALL microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi. Virocid is a "broad spectrum disinfectant" according to the EPA registration. Moreover, Virocid has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way (spraying, (hot) fogging, foaming) on surfaces, boot dips, vehicles and equipment.


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