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What is layer cage? Layer cage is also known as battery cage or poultry cage, which is used for rearing egg-laying chickens after growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks. The biggest advantage of layer cages is increasing egg production to 98%, and it’s very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission. There is an advancement in the poultry practice in Nigeria today as people now going into battery cages system which create comfort and stability for the birds, there are cages for the day old to adult birds that is from brooding to point of lay. However without good knowledge of cages and its specification comparing it with the pen dimension which will determine the capacity of birds a pen can accommodate, that is why we are here not just to sell but to give rightful information.


Battery layer cage has become a widespread practice in the last three to four decades. Today, more than 99% of all chicken meat and eggs produced are from battery cages. It is fair to say that battery cages has replaced free range farming or what was the natural way of growing, managing and nurturing livestock. Chickens raised for eggs or some other reason are all bred and raised through battery cages. There are many battery cages advantages which include:



  • Egg abundance: nobody can think of a day when there were no eggs on the shelf. No one can recollect a day when there was no meat in the nearest convenience store. Excluding the mad rush during Christmas or natural disasters cutting off roads and supply networks, eggs are available at any hour of the day or night, across the country and even beyond.
  • Job abundance: this degree of abundance would not have been possible withoutbattery layer chicken cage system, this has created hundreds and thousands of jobs. It has effectively created millions of jobs around the world. Battery farms are managed profession.
  • From those working on the farm business to those working in egg distribution and to the retailer end, there has been a massive growth of jobs in the food industry.
  • Economic benefits: abundant production doesn’t just help those who are investing in battery farming. It also helps hundreds of companies to emerge with their own products made from the primary ingredient of meats and eggs. Over the last forty years, innumerable companies have emerged with everything from sausages to salamis, patties to nuggets, mayonnaise  and the impact is not limited to just those who are into food processing or selling different kinds of packaged foods. There has been a skyrocketing rise of restaurants, cafes, takeaways and specialty chains. All these entities are benefited due to the abundant availability of different meats and eggs. From the local trucker to the remote farmer, everyone benefits from battery farming and its growth.


Other advantages include:


1 Less feed consumption and wastage
2.  Feed efficiency and conversion rate will be more 
3.  Less labour cost
4. Cost of medication will be less and accurate dosage of drug will be determine 
5. Record keeping will be easier
6. Pen space requirement will be reduced 
7. Identification of individual bird


Features of Layer Battery Chicken Cages: 

  • Easy cleaning and installation but solid.
  • Hot galvanized and non-toxic
  • Full-automatic, high efficient
  • Lower density to protect the poultry
  • Good ventilation, lower disease rate
  • Long lifespan


Our China broiler chick cage and poultry equipment Factory
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