A frame automatic laying hen cage

    A frame auotmatic laying hen chicken cage also named A frame automatic layer chicken cage The main parts are cage mesh, cage frame, automatic feeding hopper, automatic egg collection, automatic drinking system and manure removal sys

Product Specification:
  • Material : cage mesh is high galvanizing coated steel wire, equipments and frames are galvanized steel plate.
  • Tiers : 4 Tiers (5 tiers )
  • Capacity : 128 birds/set ( 200 birds/set )
  • Size per set : 2.0m* 2.4m* 1.8m (2.0m by 2.6m by
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A frame auotmatic laying hen chicken cage also named A frame automatic layer chicken cage

The main parts are cage mesh, cage frame, automatic feeding hopper, automatic egg collection, automatic drinking system and manure removal system.

12 to 16 weeks egg laying hen will transfer from ground or pullet cage to it.





Material:  cage mesh is high galvanizing coated steel wire, equipments and frames are galvanized steel plate.

Tiers:  4 Tiers (5 tiers )
Capacity:  128 birds/set ( 200 birds/set )
Size per set: 2.0m* 2.4m* 1.8m (2.0m by 2.6m by 2.0m)
Area of per Chicken    451 cm2


Our design of cage structure


The overlap between every floor is 1/3, chicken waste directly drops down ground, chicken of the next floor are very clean and healthy.

8 degrees of egg bottom mesh is right size and avoid it break on the way rolling out.



10cm of horizontal neighbouring cage boxs and 65cm of vertical neighbouring cage boxs are good for ventilation


3D showing ( the whole video is in the end of this page )

chicken house constructure, silo outside, chicken cage and poultry equipment inside.

Two rows of chicken cage, left is egg collection, middle is feeding hopper, right picture is manure scraper with motor in pit.



How automatic chicken cage look like in poultry house?

This farm is our company project with 100000 birds in 3 chicken houses, the pictures we took were in 2016. that time the mesh and machine are not as shining as them left factory but you could see everything still mellowly strong.

5 tiers of automatic chicken cage
1.A Type Egg Chicken Cages can be designed both open and close house all over the world.
2.It is more suitable to be used in tropical zone such as Africa,Southeast Asia and South Asia Countries.

Cage Dimension/Cell: 490* 500* 430mm,5cells/Unit, 
Installed Dimension/set:2000*1200*410mm.
Total Floor Area per cell: 500;total Birds/Cell: 5 birds; 450



How chicken feeding and drinking? --- automatic feeding and drinking system

Automatic Feeding System
The chicken feed stored in the silo nearby and sent by transverse feed auger with motor automaticly, feeding hopper are moving from the beginning to the end of house, feed drops to feeding trough.
Automatic Drinking System
Round pipes with stainless steel nipple drinkers and constituted by Water Pressure Regulators with filters and dosers to finish water cycle



How eggs are collected to egg house? --- egg collection system and transferring conveyor system

Eggs can reach easily to the egg belt owing to well bevel base wires. In this way, cracked and dirtiness can be reduced at minimum level.the egg collection contains lift system which reach each tiers by moving up and down,the eggs are collected from each tier and transported to the requested place and distance.



How chicken waste are collected out of chicken house? --- manure removal system and transferring conveyor system

 Manure removal system
Mnaure will drop on belt under the cage( or scraped by scraper), transferred to horizontal conveying belt inside of poultry house and end of every row of chicken cage, then to outside oblique belt and truck is waiting there, the whole poultry house is clean.



What is your house sizes for different part of above equipments? 

we design the structure and size of groud, wall and wing-room, you show to your builder, they know it very well



Who will you talk?

I am Director Mrs Anny Wang. 
here In poultry industry 12 years now, I had been visited customers' land, offloaded containers of chicken cage and equipment together with customers in the farm, be invied to customers' home and office to sign a contract. 

Office and factory in Lagos, Nigeria:  Rose of Sharon Plaza by Oko filing bus stop, Igando road, opposite Oando filling station,Lagos
Office Add:  NO. 184 Youyi Street, Shijiazhuang City, China
China Factory1: No. 88 Industrial Zone, Jiumen Huizu Town, Gaocheng District, China
China Factory2:  Intersection Huafu Road and xinraoan Road, Anping, China
Other african countries we have customers with farms, welcome your visiting

Get quotation of chicken cage and equipment,  chicken house design, please,
Which month do you starting building your chicken house?
How many birds firstly starting like 2000, 5000, 10000, 50000 or 100000+?
How many plots of your land? Cleaned or weeds still?


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Sharing for you the whole video of 3D show of egg laying chicken battery cage for poultry farm

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