Automatic egg collection system

Automatic Egg Picking Machine

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Engraving speed : 1
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Product Details

Automatic Egg Collection System

The egg belt at the bottom of cage mesh carries the eggs to horizontal chain conveyor belt in the end of chicken cage. The chain conveyor belt in every chicken house are connecting to egg conveying line to the end, directly to egg house. 
From the chicken house to the egg house, the operation speed can be adjusted to reduce the rate of broken eggs, the length of the conveyor chain and slope are customized according to the chicken house and equipment .


Outdoor work

egg collection system

Egg collection ability

There is a protective cover up the conveyor chain to ensure that the eggs can be safely transported to the egg house.

Egg collection ability: 20,000 eggs will be collection per hour.

Soft-shelled eggs and dirt are removed before they reach the egg house. 

Reduce egg collisions and breakage due to longitudinal collection

Applicable to all types of chicken coop, easy installation and debugging.

It can realize curve transportation and up-slope transportation.


Chicken house design drawing of automatic egg collection


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