Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Engraving speed : 1
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Product Details

1. Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding line is that the feed truck adds feed into the feed tower outside the chicken house. The conveying pipe delivers the feed to the hopper inside the chicken house. The hopper is moving from the beginning of the chicken cage to the end of the chicken cage to complete the feeding process.


2.  Introduction of Feed storage & conveying equipment and fee adding equipment


(1)  Automatic feed storage & conveying equipment

Silo and conveying pipe


275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel plates


 3.05M Diameter Feed Silo W/60o Hopper  

            Stock (tons)

            Space (m3)


            10.0 tons

            15.6 m3

        5.0 m

            14.0 tons

            22.2 m3

        5.9 m

            18.0 tons

            28.8 m3

        6.8 m


(2) automatic feed adding equipment

It looks like "n" shape and be installed on the top and both sides of the chicken cage, there are motor and racks on top, the hoppers in both side, the hopper orbits are fixed the bottom feed trough, hopper moving from the beginning to the ending of chicken cages, completing the process of loading. Farm application is as following




275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel plates

Source Type

AC, 3-Phase

Rated Power

0.75KW - 3KW

Rated Voltage


Outline Size

L by W by H = (2.3-2.7) by (1.2-1.5) by (2.0-2.25)m

Working Speed

10 - 15 Meters/Min

Supporting Orbits

Thickness = 3.0mm, Diam = 50mm

Orbits Material

Hot deep galvanized Pipe


3. Some farmers request Feeding chain system installed on feeding trough, the chicken will be more comfortable for eating


4. Design of equipment and house


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