Automatic layer cage

Automatic layer cage

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Engraving speed : 1
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Product Details

1.  Drawing of 4 tiers of layer chicken cage                                2. Size of 4 tiers of layer chicken cage

3. number of layers from 3 layers to 8 layers, contain from 60 birds to 500 birds per unit

automatic layer cage 1

Tiers       3     


5      7           8      

Total height  (mm)

1965    2565     3165      4070   4665   5270


4. Metal mesh of Chicken cage

The automatic layer cage system follows the international standard and conforms to the current and future development trend and requirements of automated management farms.

It contain full automatic feeding, egg collection and manure removal system.

Germany technology makes automated layer systems long service life, high functional reliability, user-friendly management and operation

automatic chicken cage 1      


Lifespan of automatic layer cage system up to 15 years

Surface treatment of Wire mesh is the whole hot dip zinc surface treatment, thickness of zinc coating is 400μm, 3 to 4 times of

common galvanized mesh

      battery cage 1


Door design

The whole door takes all space of cage front,  chicken is more easier to in and out

 battery cage 2       automatic layer cage 4


Bottom mesh design

Bottom mesh is easy to replace, make maintain simply, Best choose the wire with high toughness to make the bottom mesh rebound

slowly after being deformed to avoid the eggs breaking.

automatic layer cage 5      


5. Egg-collection System
Egg production much than floor raising and all egg can be equipped with vertical automatic egg collection system and egg conveyor available to the egg store room.

Accurately calculate the number of eggs produced per floor, per column and per hen, easy to calculate the cost and production of the chicken per house.

Automatic lifting system reduce egg broken, could be connected automatic egg packing machine line, from egg laying to packing into

egg tray, no need one worker

egg collection system      egg collection system 1


Egg belt

Polypropylene tape is the most flexible and adaptive egg collection channel. With the tensioning device of the egg belt and the flexible

egg blocking system, it can effectively ensure the safe rolling of eggs to the egg collection channel and reduce the rate of broken eggs

with the maximum performance.


6. Automatic feeding system type one - chain feeding system

BEST chain feeding system transmit the feed to poultry smoothly and not separately, guarantee the daily intake of each hen and

combine with a high feed trough to avoid feed not scatting

feeding system


Automatic feeding system type two - hopper feeding system

High precision production technology and design to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the chicken coop up to 120 meters.

chain feeding system or hopper feeding system depends on your choose.

feeding system 2


Best Feed trough

Best Feed trough


7. Manure removing system

Manure removing system

The polypropylene (pp) defecation conveyor belt collects feces under the chicken cage.Feces can be stored and ventilated on conveyor

belts for a period of 7 days.In defecation, the feces fall from each layer of conveyor belt to the horizontal conveyor belt.It can then be

transferred to a manure storage facility or to a dung truck via an oblique conveyor belt. 

layer cage 6


8. Electric control cabinet
The feeding,drinking,egg collection and manure removal system all controlled by the electricity control panels.the ventilation fans,

cooling pads,sidewall ventilation windows also controlled together automatic.


9. Chicken house design drawing with full automatic layer cage system - 30,000 birds per house

chicken house design


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  • House construction?
  • or exact Farm plan?

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